Returns and Refunds Policy

Returns and Refunds Policy


If you need to return an item sold and fulfilled by a supplier through NED, you will need to return it directly to that supplier and adhere to their specific returns policy. NED (which is owned by Indigo Australasia Incorporated) does not accept returns for items sold and fulfilled by suppliers who are listed on NED.

• Supplier Return Policies

Items ordered on NED will always be fulfilled and shipped by the individual supplier from their own inventory. Any returns will be in accordance with the returns policy set by that supplier. Whilst suppliers are expected to offer a reasonable returns policy, each supplier's returns policies may vary. Supplier returns policies do not affect your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, including any rights you may have in respect of faulty items.

• Viewing a supplier's return policy

To learn more about a supplier's returns policy, you can click on the supplier's name located against the product listing you have selected. This will take you to the supplier’s NED profile page. On the supplier's NED profile page, you will either see a direct link to their returns policy or a link to their individual website where you will be able to access their returns policy.

Any supplier return policy applies in addition to, and does not limit, other rights and remedies you may have under law including under the Australian Consumer Law.

• Returns if you change your mind

You may be able to return items fulfilled through NED if you change your mind about the purchase if the supplier's returns policy allows. A return due to change of mind will need to be discussed with the supplier prior to returning the item. Returning an item without discussing the return with the supplier first may result in loss of the item and / or no refund being granted.

 • How to return items to a supplier

Where you have purchased an item via NED, if you wish to initiate a return you will need to get in touch with the supplier directly. Suppliers will have their own processes regarding returns and refunds. In most cases you will be able to call or email the supplier to start the returns process.

Suppliers typically respond to return requests within 2-5 business days. If you do not receive a response within this time and your supplier has not indicated a reasonable alternative timeframe for response, you can contact and we will assist in contacting the supplier.

If you return items in which you have saved personal information, such as laptops, cameras or other electronic devices, you must erase this information completely before sending the product back to the supplier.

To ensure the safe return of the merchandise, please package your item with care. If a supplier's return policy does not specify how items should be returned, we advise that any item valued over $35 should be returned to the supplier using the lowest cost trackable, signed-for, delivery service. If the order is valued at $100 or more, we recommend you insure your return for the value of the product and use a signature required delivery service. Each supplier could have their own stipulations for your return that will supersede our recommendations.

NED strives to maintain a marketplace that is fair to both buyers and suppliers. Packaging returns with care reduces the chances of damage in transit and can assist with the processing of the return by the supplier. Sending the return via a trackable delivery method protects you in the event a supplier does not receive an item. If a package does not arrive and you don't use a trackable method to return your item, the supplier may not provide a refund to you.

NB: Simply refusing delivery of a package isn't always a trackable means of return and may not be covered under a supplier's return policy. You should accept delivery of an item you want to return and request a return as above.


• Non-Returnable Items

Certain items may not be returnable. Please check each supplier's return policy to see what their specifics are around non-returnable items. In some circumstances, these items may still be eligible for a refund or a replacement. This will need to be discussed directly with the supplier.


• Recalls

It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure their product listings and information is up to date on NED. This includes any product recalls. If you learn of a product recall for an item you have purchased through NED, please contact the supplier directly to discuss your options.



When you return an item, your eligibility for a refund and how your refund is issued, may differ based on a number of factors, including how long you have had the item, the type of item, condition of the item and the reason for the return.

• Refunds

You will need to check the relevant supplier's policy in relation to refunds. If a refund is necessary, such as when your supplier is out of stock and cannot dispatch an item purchased, it is the supplier's responsibility to provide the refund. Each supplier's time frame around providing refunds may vary. If there is a delay in receiving an arranged refund that is 5 or more business days over the specified timeframe and there is no response or reasonable explanation for the delay from the supplier, please contact and we will assist in contacting the supplier. 

• Australian Consumer Law

Any supplier returns and refund policies apply in addition to other rights and remedies you may have under law including under the Australian Consumer Law.

• How Refunds Are Issued

Most refunds are issued based on the payment method used at the time of purchase. The supplier's refund policy will need to be adhered to for each item purchased.


• Warranty

Warranty and repairs are the supplier’s and/or manufacturer's responsibility. If the supplier / manufacturer has a warranty and repairs policy in place this will need to be followed. If they do not have a warranty and repairs policy in place you will need to discuss any faults, repairs, or returns directly with the supplier or manufacturer. Please note that a warranty may differ for each product and for each supplier. Supplier warranty/repair policies do not affect your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, including any rights you may have in respect of faulty items. 

• Shipping

Shipping costs are decided by each individual supplier. NED is not responsible for shipping, including damaged products and late deliveries. To discuss any shipping issues, please contact the supplier and/or courier directly.

(This policy was last updated on 29.07.2021)