Become a NED Supplier

Become a NED Supplier

Let’s better connect people with assistive technology across Australia.

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Rather than having many product pages of the same product model with different suppliers (creating frustrating user experience), NED will improve on its current layout – single product page with multiple listed suppliers. This levels the playing field – everyone is on the same page. From our research, people search for products based on two factors: price and location. Supplier listings on product pages will be sorted or filtered based on these factors, regardless of supplier membership type.

Other Key Highlights

Ease Need to upload or update the information for more than one product? How about 1000? NED’s new import function for products will allow you to manage your own production information in bulk. The days of updating products one by one are over! Ecommerce You will now have access to ecommerce functions, such as Click-to-Buy buttons next to your listing in product pages that are appropriate for online retail. You will receive an order sheet each time a customer purchases anything from you! NED will never stock products for sale. It’s about connecting AT users with you, our suppliers.

Our Track Record

Our vendors can be rest assured of the quality of the NED platform.

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