Updated 20/08/2021

Common Questions associated with National Equipment Database (NED)  
1) What is NED?

NED is Australia’s largest dedicated one-stop-shop for Assistive Technology and Equipment. NED provides an online experience to connect customers to suppliers and offer free and impartial information on over 18,000 products. 

Many of our suppliers have memberships with NED, so you can take advantage of the ease to buy products directly from our website. When you shop on NED, you are connected to suppliers across Australia – we are here to help you “Explore, Find and Buy” products.

2) What determines which suppliers will be shown for me to buy from?

The search engine in NED will show all suppliers who stock the product in Australia with a filter available to limit suppliers to those in your state and a suburb search to find suppliers in a particular suburb.  

3) How do I refine my search on NED? 

If you type into the search bar the product you are looking for NED will provide suggested keywords and product categories for products it has listed. We have recently expanded the number of categories listed on the site that may help you find what you are looking for quickly. 

Results can be refined by using filters such as:
• Key words
• Product Topics, for example: Eating & Drinking or Walking Aids
• Brand
• Price
• Measurements/ diameters
• Colour
• Geographical Location

4) How do I make a purchase?

Purchases can be made directly on NED – this can be done if you are logged in as a user, or as a guest. Where a supplier has a membership with NED, they offer you the convenience to purchase online via NED and items can be added to your cart if ready to buy. If you would like to take some time to consider your purchase, items can be stored for future reference in your Wishlist and/or Comparison List. 

If a supplier has not opted to sell a product through NED, but has a membership in place,  there will bean ‘enquire now’ button. You can contact that supplier directly through NED to discuss price etc – this can be done if you are registered and logged in to NED. If you do not have a logon or the supplier does not have a current NED membership you can still note the suppliers’ details and contact them directly. 

5) I want to buy multiple products, can I purchase them in the one transaction?

Yes, you can purchase multiple products from different suppliers in one transaction. It will calculate the shipping appropriate to each supplier and calculate this in the price. The shopping cart is itemised so you can clearly see the total cost, including shipping.

6) Can I short list products I have found on the NED for later viewing? 

Yes, you can. 

If you would like to take some time to consider your purchase, items can be stored for future reference in your Wishlist and/or Comparison List. You will need to register on NED for this to be possible so the site can remember your preferences. Please use the following link to register - Registration | NED (askned.com.au)
Rest assured we will not be accessing your details unless you have given us permission to do so. Registering on NED is completely free and only provides you further benefits to your NED experience.

7) An item I want is not on NED

Our aim is to provide all Australian communities with up-to-date information on products available nationally. If you notice a product is not listed on NED, we encourage you to contact us and we will make every effort to have the product added to our directory.

8) After clicking ‘Add to cart’ there is a pop up advising I cannot make payment

Unfortunately this means the supplier has not completed their NED registration to enable them to sell through NED yet. You will not be able to purchase via NED from this supplier until they have completed the registration, sorry.

9) How do I contact a supplier listed on NED?  

• If you have questions about an item before you purchase, you can contact the supplier via our supplier directory.
• If you  have already made a purchase on NED, you can contact the supplier via their contact channels.

10) Can NED contact a supplier on my behalf?

NED supports suppliers to showcase their businesses across Australia, so information about products is publicly available for all our customers. All of our suppliers are independent businesses – who manage their own stock, information, supply/ availability and orders. If you have questions about a product or purchase, it is always best to contact the supplier directly as theycan provide all available information inclusive of product information, shipping updates, policies relating to cancellations/ refunds etc. 

11) There are technical issues when I am trying to make a purchase

If you notice any technical issues during purchasing/ payment, it is important that you contact the supplier directly to ensure your order and payment were received.
The supplier can work with you to resolve the issue and provide you with clear updates on what is occurring.

12) How do I unsubscribe from NED emails and newsletters?

If you have subscribed for information from NED and decide you no longer wish to receive updates – please click the unsubscribe option at the footer of the last email you had received. Please note that you will be removed from our mailing list, but will still receive important and required emails such as order information for purchases. 

13) How do I change my password?

If you wish to change your password, or need to reset it, please click the Forgot Password link.

14) My Cart won’t empty when I try to remove items or ‘empty cart’

Go to the NED home page and the cart should ‘reset’ and be empty/ have the item(s) removed when you go back into it.

15) The website won’t load/keeps timing out

Please remember to clear your browser cache. The browser cache sometimes gets full and will slow down load performance. The cache also 'remembers' your browsing history, so it automatically inserts data based on your previous actions. Clearing the browser cache normally fix many issues. However, if the problem persists, please contact us on support@askned.com.au